Business Solutions 1
Business Solutions 1

Business/ Projects Feasibility

We help you to look objectively at the idea and determine its profitability. Assessing the market size; assessing the competitive advantage of your idea; obtaining independent endorsement of the idea;  assessing capital requirements; considering your management ability; and finding out if anyone else has tried your business idea, and if they failed.

Office Setup

Setting up a new office is an effective test of your business planning capacity. It’s like a small project that requires from you to mobilize your budget management, design and visualization skills to incorporate all essentials into a smooth-running workspace.

Company Registration & Government Affiliation

Registering your company is like taking that final step towards realizing your dream. We will assist in getting the company’s name approved by the ministry and pick the company’s category wisely.

Business Plan

The objective is to provide an analysis which would include: assessing the market size, assessing the competitive advantage of your business idea, obtaining independent endorsement of the idea, assessing capital requirements.

Financial Projection

Financial projections is the presentation of a financial picture of the future of a business based on certain business model assumptions – to include level of Sales, Cost of Sales, Expenses, Staff, and Route to Market.

Market Services

We will help companies with the most efficient and cost effective ways in providing platforms to promote their business.

Marketing Strategy

We help our clients by providing them with a realistic look at their competition and position in the marketplace, help them select their target audience, set marketing goals for the year and create an appropriate budget.

Manpower Sourcing

We will take responsibility for each step in the recruitment process from sourcing and selecting staff, through to the interview process and the induction of staff.